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Standing in the place i once called home (hollow and cold).
Without the flame that kept me alive,
a vivid memory roaming inside my mind.

This never-ending circle reminds me that you will never be again by my side.

Rummaging through the remains of my consciousness
i forced myself to find my way and not to drown.
While currents drag me under.
I was ruined, listless to nothing but wander.

I've never shared my fears, until you disappeared.
You'll forever be here, under my skin.

How i miss those days, where we'd just gaze into our dreams.
(Swimming against the waves)

Life always finds the moment to strike with sharp pains across your chest.
Dusk cloaked your face in a silk blue light, binding me to this eternal regret.

Just say it now, this ain't gonna last forever.
Without a place to stay.
I was dauntless,
now i'm drifting away.

I'd give everything I have to go back one more time,
to share a single frame of your ephemeral life.

Was death ever so glorious
as the time she claimed you and pushed you aside?

We've all gone through dark days in life.
Nobody told us growing up would be so hard.
Take me back again.
Take me back, to those joyful days.

I feel the weight of things we left undone.
Still hurts you’ve been gone, wake up.
This is the time to remove the veil.
Nobody dies until the moment you forget them.


released June 13, 2016
Recorded by Luis Varó at Blackstage Studios, Torrellano (Spain) during May and June, 2016. Mixed and mastered by Vic Ortega.
Produced by Victor Ortega and World to Come.

Music by World to Come. Lyrics by Sebastián Sánchez and Miquel Esteban.

Special thanks to Cédric Sierras and Noemí Jorró Sellés.

Cover art by Sebastián Sánchez. Photography by Cédric Sierras.




World to Come Benidorm, Spain

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